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hollywood, california · stayner architects
2022 · lead designer: angela lufkin
rhinoceros, illustrator, photoshop
participatory design, schematic design

Refettorio Los Angeles is a schematic proposal for a non-profit organization that serves food insecure individuals in the Los Angeles area. Through a participatory process with guests that currently use the non-profit’s services, staff and volunteers, and regional stakeholders we established their priorities for the space -- for values, utility and feeling. As a designer on this project I contributed to collating and synthesizing the data collected from five events and surveys, establishing the space’s program, writing the final report, and graphically producing the research report. I assisted the lead designer, Angela Lufkin, in spatial organization and 3D model development to share with an external renderer.

community dining la

Image courtesy of Stayner Architects, final rendering by D-Render.

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