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palm desert, california · stayner architects
2022-present · design intern: sahar simforoosh

gross floor area:           522 ft2
existing floor area:       901 ft2
site area:                      0.32 acres
floors:                          1
height:                         8’-10”
construction type:        type III

The Desert Wave House, or Miles C Bates House, is a home on the National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places. Stayner Architects restored the home prior to the pandemic. Since joining Stayner, I have led the design of a back casita and pool, and have overseen the landscape design by Cactus Store.  All plantings selected aredrought tolerant and native species.

The casita is embedded in a continuous curved wall which wraps the yard -- acting as both visual and auditory buffer to the neighborhood, providing a blank canvas for the lush landscape in the foreground. The design pays homage to the landscape intent of the original architect, Walter White.

desert wave casita


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